map.jpgThe Sunshine Coast lifestyle is uniquely Pacific. The combination of fabulous beaches and rugged coastline permeates every life in the region, setting a natural pace and rhythm that defies stress and anxiety. Rich with secret coves and hidden inlets, mountain trails and freshwater lakes, the Sunshine Coast is a continuous breath of fresh air for all inhabitants.

The greatest appeal our home buyers find is the true quality of nature, so close to the city. Just a 40 minute ferry trip from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast has become home, vacation property and retirement dream for city dwellers ready for the best life has to offer.

Visit one or several of our many tourism sites for a sense of the history, variety and volume of beauty that sets this coastline apart from all others.

We look forward to welcoming you to the crown jewel of Canada, BC’s Sunshine Coast. Vancouver’s cottage country; a slice of heaven right here on earth.